The Truth About False Lashes

The Truth About False Lashes

Falsies, false lashes, fake eyelashes — whatever you call them, they can add a little lift (or major drama) to your look in a blink! M·A·C Cosmetics’ Ylenia and Goga break down how to easily apply them like a pro — and get the most value from your next lash purchase. 

There’s an Ideal Shape for Every Eye

Eye 1

If you have monolids (lids without a crease), upturned eyes (eyes that are higher at the outer corner) or downturns eyes (eyes that slope down at the outer corner) you’ll want lashes that are fuller at the outer corner to open your eyes up, like the #36 Dreamgirl Lash (pictured), #82 Seductress Lash or #81 Charmer Lash




Eye 2

If you have hooded eyes (which don’t show a crease when open) look great in long, fluttery lashes, like #88 Stunner Lash (pictured), #86 Opportunist Lash or #85 Sexpot Lash



Eye 3

If you have round eyes (you can see the whites of your eyes above or below your irises) you’ll look great in curled lashes that lift and enhance your eyes’ shape, like the #83 Siren Lash (pictured).




Eye 4

If you have almond eyes (no whites show above or below your irises when looking straight ahead) almost any lash shape looks great on you, including the bold #3 Heiress Lash (pictured), the super dramatic #70 Lash, and the denser #84 Goddess Lash


MAC False Lashes Are Re-Useable

Did you know you can re-use MAC false lashes 6 to 20 times? Not only is this a great way to reduce your environmental impact, it means you get even better value from your lash purchase. 

They’re For Blondes, Brunettes, and Everyone in Between

MAC recently added 10 new silhouettes to its huge range of false lashes. Made with brown and black fibres, MAC lashes look natural and seamless against a wider range of skin tones and hair colours.

Eye Lash Stand
Hair colour


You Need Just 2 Tools To Apply Falsies Like a Pro

Ylenia and Goga tell us you need just two tools to make applying false lashes quick and easy: Duo Eyelash Adhesive and a Lash Applicator wand.  Duo Eyelash Adhesive is a latex formula glue that dries clear, is safe on the skin, and safe to use for contact lens wearers.

Lashes Tools

And why should you use an applicator, instead of tweezers or your hands? If you use tweezers, lashes can twist and turn when you pick them up. With fingers, you can smudge your makeup — or smear glue around your eye. 

Applicators give you precise control, so you can get as close to your natural lash line as possible in just a few seconds. Applicators are also gentler on false lashes, so they will last longer and can be re-used again and again. 

The Fastest Way to Apply False Lashes

  1. Pick up the lash with your applicator and place it against your lid to check if it needs to be trimmed to fit your lash line end-to-end. You can trim any MAC False Lashes to customise their length. 
  2. Apply a thin layer of Duo Eyelash Adhesive along the vein of the lash, from corner to corner. Wait a few seconds for it to become tacky. 
    Glue Lash
  3. Pick up the lash with your applicator tool, and look down into a mirror. Applying lash
  4. Gently press the lash against your lash line in the centre, the outer edge and inner corner. 
    Applying lash
  5. Apply mascara and eyeliner to finish your look!

 Finished look 1Finished look 2


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