The Foundations of Foundation

The Foundations of Foundation

Let's discover the Foundations of Foundation with MAC Retail Brand Manager NatasaTrandafil.

MAC Cosmetics’ Retail Brand Manager, Natasha Trandafil, shares her expert knowledge on the evolution of foundation from harmful to healthful — and shares the shades and tools she uses to create a beautiful base, every day.

Natasa Trandafil

The Foundation (R)Evolution

From the beginning of makeup, its name has remained unchanged. It always served to set the base of our look, our persona and the face we wanted the world to see. But has foundation stayed the same? And have we? Absolutely not!


We live very different lives now — different from our parents, different from each other, and different from we expected or even dreamed of. From foundation’s first appearance (in which toxins were used to make us look even lovelier) to the healthy and natural must-have product it is today, our foundations have also changed, adjusted, improved and grown along with us.Thousands of years ago foundation was used in sacred rites, and was made from ingredients found in nature — but just because they were natural, doesn’t mean they were always good for us. Some early foundations were harmful to our skin and health. Foundation’s next important use was in films, where it helped make close-up shots perfect, just the way the directors wanted them to be. We can consider this — the premiere of foundation on film — to be the birth of modern foundation, which soon became a widely used beauty product. 


Foundation’s function has remained the same over time: It covers, conceals, defines and redefines the skin to give us the look we want. Luckily, today’s foundations are made from ingredients that are nourishing and good for our skin. For example, MAC Cosmetics’ foundations are enriched with revitalizing oils, vitamins and minerals to help maintain healthy skin. 


How I wear it

MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 foundation (one of my favourites) does all that I expect from it, day in, day out, and does it beautifully! As a full coverage foundation, Studio Fix covers whatever I want, leaving me with a natural-looking matte finish. It’s strong enough for the toughest jobs, like the crease around my nose, but light enough to not look cakey or flaky. When I wear Studio Fix, my skin doesn’t feel a thing — except for my foundation’s good, nurturing effects. When I don’t feel like I need such an all-inclusive coverage, I simply mix a pump-full of my favourite shade with my daily moisturizer and my flawless skin is ready for the next layer of the face I want to wear that day!


Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15



MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 Foundation is available in over 40 shades in Malta






With my Studio Fix foundation, I use the Studio Fix 24-hour Smooth Wear Concealer, for those spots that need a little extra help. I set it all with Fix+ facial spray to keep my look in place until I am ready to change it.

Oh, and just one more thing! My Studio Fix foundation loves to be applied with MAC’s super soft brushes 130S Brush and 170 Brush, and I love the 270s Brush for applying concealer. These brushes get around all those beautiful facial curves in an even layer. No mess, no waste just a flawless, gorgeous finish! Well, not finish… a start, a beginning - a foundation for that perfect look. What look is your desire today?


Studio Fix ConcealerMAC Brushes

Left: Studio Fix 24-Hour Smooth Wear Concealer is available in over 40 shades in Malta. Right: MAC Brushes (the 170 Brush is the fifth brush from the top, and the 270 Brush is the sixth from the top)


Last but not least...

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Pictured above, Natasha wears Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 Foundation in NC 25 and N 4.75, Studio Fix 24-Hour Smooth Wear Concealer in NC 20, perfectly matched for her light skin tone with warm to neutral undertones.

Photo Credit: Olha Ruskykh