Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Blog Piece by Fashion Stylist Grazielle Camilleri 

Mother’s Day is a celebration very close to my heart so I will be taking you through the top 5 gift ideas I would choose to gift this Mother’s Day. Being a mother myself to 4-year old Luna, I know that while motherhood joys are found in the simplest of day-to-day experiences, this role brings with it life-long challenges at the various stages of parenthood. Feeling valued is beautiful, and gifting your mother on this special day is a good move to show your appreciation. 

Here are the top 5 Gift recommendations for all the beautiful mamas out there:

(each item will include a small generic image of the category - not product specific)

5 - Beauty products

For those of us who like to buy ‘useful’ gifts, here’s something all mums certainly need restocking. Whether it is a new sunblock or replenishing products for her daily beauty routines, the Debenhams Beauty Club houses the top brands in beauty, such as Estee Lauder, Clinique, Tom Ford to name a few. 

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4 - Fragrances

A fragrance is one of those things I don’t really buy for myself but I always LOVE getting for a gift. I just love wearing perfume every day, even if I’m staying in for the day, because perfume has the magic of making us feel dressed up, even if we’re just scouting around in comfortable lounge wear around the house. Doesn’t it? Oh so perfume as a gift for mum? Most definitely! 

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3 - Fashion Accessories

Summer is approaching and no matter how we’ll be spending these days, we’ll certainly be catching some sun. The Debenhams accessories shop is brimming with fun accessories to spice up your summer, from hats to scarves and an exciting new swimwear collection. Fun for any mum I’m sure.  

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2 - Fashion

With Spring and Summer collections in full swing, the options for gifts are pretty extensive. The online store houses so many brands so I’m confident you can find your mum’s style and give her an outfit to sport on her next outing. 

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1 - Home essentials

We are spending so much time at home these days that an injection of new home accessories would spice things up. Your mum might have also commented that she wants to spruce up the bedroom with new spring and summer tones. Visit the Home section for a wide range of ideas for the home which will make you want to embark on a whole new home renovation project :) 

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All of these recommended gifts can be found here on The items will be gift wrapped at no extra cost to you - all you have to do is check the relevant gift wrap box at check-out and you may also include a personal note to your gift. Delivery is within 24 hours - isn’t that awesome? So happy browsing, and happy shopping! I’m confident you will find the perfect gift for your mother to love, just as I have. And last but not least, here’s to all the mothers out there who put in the hard work day in day out to keep their kids - of any age - happy. Happy Mother’s Day <3 


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Grazielle Camilleri is a fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger and TV presenter.