Debenhams Supports Action For Breast Cancer Foundation

Debenhams Supports Action For Breast Cancer Foundation

It has been a very unusual year for businesses this year and yes, times have been tough for the majority of sectors, however Debenhams’ commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility has not failed.

Throughout last month, famously known as October Breast Awareness month, Debenhams ran a strong campaign across a variety of media to help raise funds for local NGO Action for Breast Cancer Foundation, by donating €1.00 to the cause with every item of lingerie sold throughout the month. With the help of a number of local personalities including Pia Zammit, Stephanie Spiteri, Jade Zammit Stevens, Madeleine Baldacchino, Caroline Spiteri Paris and Gianni Zammit, Debenhams reached out to the local community through a light-hearted video and a series of fun images to encourage them to purchase their lingerie during this month as an act of contribution to this very just cause. A donation has just been made to the foundation, and Debenhams would like to thank all the local personalities as the Debenhams team for their time and energy towards this initiative, which was very well received by men and women of all ages.


 Campaign Imagery with local personalities

Action for Breast Cancer Foundation has been founded to help with the rising cases of Breast Cancer in Malta – locally we see an average of 300 new cases of Breast Cancer per year, and this is not just amongst females. 3% of these cases are in fact amongst men, and the Foundation has been investing in many resources to help educate the public about the prevention of such a disease and ways to help early detection, therefore helping to reduce the chances of longer-term effects. The Foundation is run by a number of volunteers who themselves had been diagnosed with this illness in the past, and now dedicate their energy to help others get through it. The Foundation strives not only to provide awareness about breast cancer but also provides tools for those diagnosed with the illness, such as providing a mastectomy bra to each lady that has undergone mastectomy surgery. The Foundation also offers psychological support for survivors and their families.


Elaine Bugeja, Marketing Manager for United Department Stores Ltd, handing over the donation to Esther Sant, Chairperson Action for Breast Cancer Foundation

Debenhams is operated by United Department Stores Ltd, a subsidiary of United Group of Companies, which is known for its ongoing programme set up to support local causes, and which has actively helped a number of beneficiaries.


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